Friday, 17 June 2011

Welcome to MOORE Technology tips

Hi Guys,

Dataman here with a new venture that will hopefully make life a bit easier for us all.

My motivation for this blog is to provide a series of posts that may help you better utilise some of the wonderful technologies that are available to us here at the Moore. From a selfish perspective, I hope that it will reduce the number of Hey, Dataman got 30 seconds ambushes that make mince meat of my day.  (30 seconds, my backside!)

The way I see this operating:
  • I will post technology tips, hopefully on a regular basis. The topics will try to address the FAQs that have hounded me over the past few months.
  • I trust that you will keep me honest with some feedback abou what worked, what didn't and a lead as to what type of help that you need.

I had thought that it might be fun to title this post:Technology Tips for Moorons but I was counselled out of this by someone with a wiser head. (That clue won't narrow down the field of likely suspects.)

My next Mooron Tip will be Acrobat Comment and Mark-Up tools.

See you soon!